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The 22nd year of the conference will be held in the Congress Centre of Hotel PRIMAVERA **** in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

City of Pilsen

The city of Pilsen was founded in 1295 by King Wenceslas II. It lies between Prague and the former royal border (currently the border with Germany) at the confluence of 4 rivers. Pilsen was endowed with an excellent location that brought it wealth in both trade and the arts, and this fact has been reflected in its architecture. The picturesque city centre is home to numerous landmarks. The wide variety of cultural and sports venues and modern tourism infrastructure offer excellent conditions for cultural, conference and experiential tourism. Pilsen’s unique history in the arts and interesting cultural projects helped the city win the European Capital of Culture 2015 title. Currently, Pilsen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic and has approximately 172,000 inhabitants.

Pilsen is known as an industrial and brewing city. Pilsen is the home town of the legendary Skoda company. The tradition of this company is currently followed by companies such as Skoda Transportation, Skoda Doosan Power, Skoda Auto, Skoda Electric, Pilsen Steel and others. On the other side of the regional capital, the world-famous beers Prazdroj and Gambrinus are brewed. Higher education is represented by the University of West Bohemia and the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.

The city of Pilsen offers a wealth of interesting places and experiences. The most important are listed in the following brochures, which can be downloaded in PDF format:

How to get to Pilsen


By car – if you are traveling by car, GPS navigation is probably the most convenient way to get to Pilsen and the hotel (see hotel location). The fastest option is probably the D5 motorway if you are traveling in the direction from Prague or in the direction from Nuremberg. If you are traveling in the direction from Prague, the best way is to use exit 73, which is marked as PLZEN-CERNICE. If you are traveling in the direction from Nuremberg, it is advisable to use exit 76, which is designated as PLZEN-CENTRUM. If you are traveling in the direction from Vienna, you will not drive on the motorway but on the 1st class road. In this case it will be necessary to take the exit marked as PLZEN-CENTRUM again. For better orientation it is possible to download the driveway map in PDF format.


By train – trains to Pilsen run on 6 routes. These are the following direct connections (For each train, only the most logistically significant stations are mentioned.):

  • 515 Pendolino (Franzensbad-Cheb-Pilsen-Prague-Olomouc-Ostrava)
  • R 771 Berounka (Klatovy-Pilsen-Prague)
  • R 776 Berounka (Prague-Pilsen-Klatovy-Markt Eisenstein)
  • Ex 359 Zapadni expres (München-Regensburg-Domazlice-Pilsen-Prague)
  • R 655 Rozmberk (Pilsen-Budweis-Jihlava-Brno)
  • R 657 Bezdrev (Pilsen-Strakonice-Budweis)
  • R 1090 (Pilsen-Zatec-Chomutov-Most)

These are the most important direct connections. In some cases, it may be more time-efficient to change train for example in Prague, where the train goes to Pilsen every hour and the train journey from Prague to Pilsen takes 1 hour. To plan a train trip, you can use the web application of the Czech national train carrier (, or you can use the services of your own national carrier when traveling from abroad.


By bus – you can also get to Pilsen by bus. Two international bus carriers have a station in Pilsen. These are RegioJet (Student Agency) and FlixBus. In the gallery you can see a map of RegioJet lines. These are the cities from which it is possible to get to Pilsen either by direct connection or by changing the bus at the transit station. You can also find a map of FlixBus lines in the gallery. It is probably the most widespread bus carrier in Europe. The map shows destinations from which it is possible to reach Pilsen as the final destination. The second map shows the connections and Prague is chosen as the final destination (see Connection from Prague).


In the Czech Republic there are 5 international airports with regular air traffic:

  • Prague Airport – IATA code PRG
  • Brno Airport – IATA code BRQ
  • Ostrava Airport – IATA code OSR
  • Karlovy Vary Airport – IATA code KLV
  • Pardubice Airport – IATA code PED

If you plan to travel by plane, we highly recommend Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague.

Connection from Prague

People say all roads lead to Rome. In the case of the Czech Republic, it is rather true that all roads lead to Prague. If it is convenient for you to travel through Prague for financial and time reasons, it is not a disadvantage at all, because the connection between Prague and Pilsen is very busy and dense. In this case, we are talking about traveling to Prague by plane, bus or train.

If you are traveling by plane and do not plan to rent a car upon arrival (if you want to rent a car, click HERE), then you will need to look for a train or bus connection. You can get from the airport to the train and bus connections by public transport, more precisely by bus number 100 (see airport map in gallery). This bus will take you from the airport to Prague-Zlicin station (journey takes about 18min), where you can take the RegioJet or FlixBus bus lines direct to Pilsen (see map of Zlicin station). The Zlicin station also has an underground subway line B (yellow line). If you would like to travel between Prague and Pilsen by train, then you have to take the underground to the Main train station in the city centre (Hlavni nadrazi station – red line). See metro map in the gallery. There is also a direct express bus service (AE Line) between the airport and the main train station (more details HERE).

If you get to Prague by train, you need to change for the train to Pilsen at the Main train station (Hlavni nadrazi). Trains run to Pilsen every hour and the journey takes about 1 hour. If you come to Prague by bus, then you should get off at the central bus station Florenc. FlixBus goes from Florenc directly to Pilsen every hour. If you would like to use the services of RegioJet then you have to take the underground to Zlicin (see metro map). Both bus lines go to Pilsen every hour, while the journey takes 1 hour. However, it is necessary to book your ticket in advance.


The PRIMAVERA Hotel & Congress centre is a modern four-star hotel in with 92 air-conditioned rooms (240 beds in total), a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, a wine bar and a representative multi-purpose congress center with different capacity halls. Parking space for 100 cars and 3 buses in hotel area.

The PRIMAVERA Hotel & Congress centre is located in a quiet but still central part of Pilsen called Brucna not far from the centre of the city. The advantage of the location is an ideal access from the D5 motorway in the directions Prague and Rozvadov / Waidhaus (Germany) – 3 min, only a 15-minute journey to the city centre by public transport straight from the hotel and a 10-minute journey by taxi.

How to get to the hotel

Full hotel address:

PRIMAVERA Hotel & Congress centre****
Nepomucká 1058/128
326 00 Plzeň
Mobile: +420 378 020 500
Fax: +420 378 020 501
GPS: 49°42’38.1″N 13°24’45.4″E

If you are traveling by car, it is best to enter GPS coordinates into your GPS navigation that will take you to the hotel entrance. These paragraphs therefore describe in detail how to get to the hotel if you arrive in Pilsen by train or bus. If you are traveling by train, you will get off at the Main Train Station. Near the train station there is a tram stop where you have to get on the tram number 1 in the direction of Slovany. You will continue by tram to the final stop Slovany, where you need to change for trolleybus number 10 or 13 in the direction of Cernice. After getting on the trolleybus you have to get off the third stop, which is called Brucna. Then walk 50 meters in the direction of the trolleybus route to reach the hotel.

If you are traveling by bus, get off at the Central Bus Station. After getting off the bus, look for the stairs to the underground tunnel. Then turn left and keep going until you reach the tram stop. Take tram number 2 in the direction of Svetovar. You will get off the third stop, which is named Namesti Republiky. You can recognize it by having a huge Gothic church on your left. At this stop you will wait for tram number 1 in the direction of Slovany and you will continue with it until you reach the final stop where you have to get off and then go for the trolleybus as described in the previous paragraph.

Tickets can be purchased by credit card directly in public transport vehicles. Look for yellow terminals labeled Visa, Mastercard etc. We recommend buying a ticket for 1 hour, which is valid in all vehicles regardless of the change of lines (1 hour = 60 minut = 24 CZK = € 1,01 EUR).

From the main train or central bus station it is possible to get to the hotel relatively cheaply by taxi. Normally, cars are available at both stations. The price should not exceed 10 euros. If interested, please contact us and we will arrange a taxi service for you.